Garden App UX/UI Design

The Garden app is an easy to use solution to help novice gardeners keep track of the needs of their plants through task reminders, progress journals, photo albums, and plant details.


After several interviews, I found that many homeowners find it difficult to remember what plants they have and what the different needs of each are.


Who are the target users? Gardeners, both green thumbs and newbies

Who are not the target users? Those who hire out gardening services and/or don't have gardens to maintain.


What is the value proposition for the product? The product makes it easy to remember what a plan'ts care needs are and when to do them.

Why do people use the product? They have too many plants and/or too little knowledge of specific plant needs to remember all of the nuances of how to care for each plant.

Why do they choose to use your product over the competition? They can track as little or as much information as they want through the details they put into the app.


In creating the app design, I wanted to keep it simple and intuitive while planning for scalability later. Four basic functions were designed for the app.

  1. Ability to upload and update photos of the plants as they grow.
  2. List the basic statistics and care instructions from whatever research they put into the plant. This could be as simple as the plant tag from the container it was purchased in.
  3. Provide the capability to create reminders for the care.
  4. Allow the user to create a journal or log the plant's health on an ongoing basis.


This project didn't proceed to the point of development, but after creating a basic prototype, some UX debt was discovered and would be reworked before the expense of development was committed to the project. Most importantly, it is very important to keep the app simple and enjoyable enough for the user to commit to regular use.