Freelance Design and Photography

Whether you have a one-time or regular need for freelance online, print, or photography services, drop me a line. Client(s) with monthly retainers will receive priority, but all projects will get quality and timely service.

UX Design

The latest skill I've formally acquired is that of UX designer. I've always been both creative and analytically minded.

Print and Marketing Design

The foundation of my professional career began when I took a full-time job working second shift at the local newspaper doing print and marketing design. I find that this start is probably why I thrive in fast-paced, tight deadline driven environments.


Australian Slang Vocabulary

August 15, 2017

In the mid-1990s I spent a couple years in the Melbourne, Australia area. Shortly after I returned, I compiled this list of over 550 Australian slang vocabulary terms while I learned how to build websites as a hobby. I recently found my old files and decided to repost the list.